• Town of Southington

    The gently rolling hills of Southington are nestled in the valley between mountains on the east and west sides of town. It is this gentleness of landscape along with the Quinnipiac River and the various streams, ponds and lakes that makes Southington the perfect place for relaxation, pleasure and work.

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  • Southington Police Department

    We are commanded by the Chief of Police, two Captains, three Lieutenants, eleven Sergeants, and seven Detectives. It is currently comprised of sixty six sworn regular and six sworn supernumerary officers plus 19 civilian personnel, including two Animal Control Officers.

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  • Southington Public Library

    We offer exceptional programs for all ages ranging from reading readiness programs for toddlers and preschoolers to book discussions and lectures by best-selling authors. Many of our innovative children’s programs incorporate iPads and interactive book apps to stimulate reading skills.

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  • Southington Public Schools

    The Mission of Southington Public Schools is to have students engage in a range of educational experiences, to be informed, adaptive problem solvers who effectively communicate, rise to challenges, and are committed to improve themselves and their communities.

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  • Southington Fire Department

    The Southington Fire Department is an innovative and diverse department of over 120 members that represent the community we serve. We are fortunate to have some of the most talented and motivated individuals in the Fire community.

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  • Barnes Museum

    Southington's past is perfectly preserved within the restored home of Bradley and Leila Barnes—known today as the Barnes Museum, where guests can peruse 17 rooms filled with antique furniture and personal belongings dating back to 1836.

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