Board of Directors


Officer Name Position Company Name
Dawn Miceli Chairman  Southington Community Cultural Arts
Vice Chairman
Lucia Chubet Treasurer  Daigle, Smith, Chubet, LLC
Maria Huff Secretary  ESPN 
Atty. Anthony Sheffy Legal Advisor Sheffy & Mazzaccaro, DePaolo & DeNigris LLP
Atty. Matt O’Keefe Past Chairman Jackson O’Keefe
Susan Urillo larson Director At-Large Perfect Type


Member Name Position Company Name
Michael P Baker Board Member Patrick Baker & Sons Inc.
Donato (Dan) DiVirgilio Board Member Dan DiVirgilio Agency Farmers Insurance
Andrew Garstang Board Member Six Point Wealth Advisors
Shirene Hazel Board Member Berkshire Hathaway
Ralph Holyst Board Member HQ Dumpster & Recycling LLC
Mike Fasulo Board Member Fasulo & Albini
George Montowski Board Member Corporate Risk Solutions
David Girouard Board Member Hospital of Central Connecticut
Kaylah Smith Board Member Community Foundation of Greater New Britain
Louis Perillo Board Member Town of Southington
Bryan Stolz Board Member Winterberry Gardens
MaryAnn Stanley Board Member Asphalt #1 Paving
Dave Zoni Board Member Priority Graphics