• Cox Business

    Phone, Video, Internet, Cable Services

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  • Mobile Rescue Southington

    Mobile Rescue works to continuously improve our products and services for all device owners. We proudly offer best in class mobile device repairs, services, and accessories for Apple products: iPhones, iPads. MacBooks and Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, iPod Touch, Android products, Samsung. LG. HTC. Verizon. AT&T. Google ChromeBooks. Mobile Rescue fixes cell phones. smartphones, tablets, [...]

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  • Realized Solutions, Inc.

    RSI works with our customers to increase the reliability of their hardware and to implement creative solutions that result in increased efficiency, security, and peace of mind.

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  • Russell Cellular

    Russell Cellular, Inc. is an exclusive Verizon Authorized Retailer specializing in wireless communication services and is one of the nation’s largest Verizon Wireless Retailers.

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  • The McLendon Companies, Inc., dba Longleaf

    We are the managed IT services provider for businesses from New England to the Pacific Northwest, and from California to Florida.

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  • JB WebTech, LLC

    Website Development, PC Troubleshooting, Virus Removal, Home & Business Networking...

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  • Techbridge27 Inc

    IT Solutions for all level users and most devices at lower costs due to less overhead expenses.  CT Small Business and Residential Clients. When you need it! Off hours support including Nights / Weekends. Confidential Services.

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  • Wireless Zone

    Wireless phones, Telecommunications

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  • Founders Technology Group, LLC

    It’s time for a total technology experience – everything you need from start to finish from one source that you can trust: Founders Technology Group. We are your IT provider, plain and simple.

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  • Emendee Technologies,LLC

    Emendee Tech offers Turn-Key Solutions for Energy Conservation Upgrades (LED’s, Sensors, HVAC Upgrades, Green Energy Solutions) & Telecommunications Services (Network Improvements & Right-Sizing, Hosted & Premise-Based Phone Systems).

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